Hard Radio! Playing Now opera extension published today

It is so simple that I’m little embarrassed, but Opera extension that I made for myself so that I could see which song is currently on HardRadio was released today.
It has been useful for me and I thought to share it. Continue reading

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Elephants Dream-world’s first open movie

Elephants Dream is the world’s first open movie, made entirely with open source graphics software such as Blender, and with all production files freely available to use however you please, under a Creative Commons license.

The movie was made mostly as an experiment, rather than to tell a certain story and therefore has a strong arbitrary and surreal atmosphere. It features two men, Proog (the elder and more experienced) and Emo (the younger and more nervous) living in a miraculous construction referred to only as “The Machine”; Proog tries to introduce Emo to its nature but the latter is reluctant and argues about its purpose. The creators originally intended for the movie to show the abstraction of a computer. Continue reading

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Big Buck Bunny-second open movie

Big Buck Bunny (code-named Peach) is a short animated movie made in Blender Institute, part of the Blender Foundation.

Like the previous film Elephants Dream, the film was made using free software. Work began in October 2007. And the film was first published on 10th April 2008. in Amsterdam. The movie is licensed under a Creative Commons license 3.0, and it is all available for free download. Continue reading

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Sintel – Third Open Movie by Blender Foundation


Sintel (code-named Durian) is a short computer animated film by the Blender Institute, part of the Blender Foundation.The name comes from the Dutch word sintel, which can mean cinder or ember, as confirmed by Ton Roosendaal in a blog comment:” “Sintel” is [a] piece of glowing coal or metal. It glows brightly, burns, and then becomes ashes…”.
Like the foundation’s previous films Elephants Dream and Big Buck Bunny, the film was made using Blender, a free software application for animation made by the same foundation. Continue reading

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Penzos Vulgaris

Five o’clock in the morning at the National Park SERBIA. Most residents are still asleep. Quietly. Silence disturbed only by a sound … It is rustle sound bending plastic bags used to be ready to receive the best newspaper that he thought when he says “newspaper” – and another nylon bag. The one in which short-term milk is leaking . It’s milk that live very short – only a very early in the morning, because then it grabs one of the most endangered species in national park SERBIA … Continue reading

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Drndus Murius Pauza

My first work in Inkscape.

Pissed off (sometimes found as frustrated) The customs officer is a species that was created by crossing three different types: Normal Customs Officers (Sharlatinski -Drndus pasport), dark street Cop (Mupus murius) and wild teller Officer (Nervozus shicanorum pause)

Continue reading

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Test video

test video from Frantics Workshop on Vimeo.

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Blender is the free open source 3D content creation suite, available for all major operating systems under the

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